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David Martinez Tours

Official Vatican tour guide David Martinez has attracted clients from all walks of life, from families to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. All he needed was a brand to take his business to the next level.


I met David in Rome in September 2017 while I was a Truth and Beauty Project fellow. For several years, David has been providing tours of St. Peter's Basilica, the three other major Basilicas in Rome, and other holy sites in Rome and throughout Italy. 

I first created his logo. David wanted St. Peter's Basilica to be featured in it. To add more depth to the design, I added a peeling away effect to underscore his wealth of knowledge in Christian archaeology. We used colors that evoke the Vatican and the pulse of Rome. For the typeface, I selected a Google font called Cardo—a perfect fit for his business.  


In addition, I created a style guide featuring his logo, color palette, and typeface pairings to ensure he maintains consistent branding across all platforms as his business grows. See the style guide here.


I also created new unique business cards for him that include his tagline "Informative, Inspirational, Fun". I used a parchment paper texture for the background of these cards to give an old world feel.  


I then created a responsive website for him using Squarespace. We featured his bio, information about his tours, earned media, a gallery page, testimonials, and a contact page. Since David's business is in the European Union, I also made sure his website included a Privacy Policy page, a Cookies Policy page, and an EU Cookie Banner. Check out the website here.


If you're planning a trip to Rome and are looking for a great tour guide, you need to contact David. He will make your experience in Italy absolutely incredible. 

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