Anna Maria Hoffman
Helping your brand succeed


Anna Maria Hoffman is a graphic and web designer based in Northern Virginia.

My Services

As a brand identity designer, I help brands develop or revamp their visual identity across print and web. I also help existing brands with supplemental branding projects, including social media graphics and marketing materials. 

Marketing Materials

I help brands update or revamp their print material.  I design brochures, booklets, postcards, annual reports, and flyers. Before starting on a project or package, please provide me with the project specs, printer requirements, finalized content, and a deadline.

Web Design

Before starting on your project, I'll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your brand and needs. Cost includes any CMS change (i.e. Weebly to Squarespace), minor photo editing, minor copy editing, any front-end customization possible with your template, basic site traffic, backup, and security set up, and a one-hour training (remotely/in-person) if you plan to maintain your site. 3 overall layout choices are also included.

Cost does not include hosting, domain name registration, font and theme purchases, and web maintenance


Social Media Graphics

Whether you need savvy photo or vector-based graphics to help grow your social media presence, I can help! I design graphics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but I don't provide any social media strategy. Consider talking to my sister Gabriella Hoffman if you need help with that.

Web Maintenance

I can help you maintain your site on a monthly basis or fix front-end display issues whenever they come up. While the costs of most of my services is project-based, I provide this service on an hourly basis. I clock my time using a timer to ensure I am achieving your to-do list tranpsarently. 


I typically take on projects from people on the local level (individuals, small businesses, churches, local and state political campaigns, and non-profits) but I also freelance for larger entities. If you're looking for a freelancer to help you with print design, social media graphics, or web maintenance, let's talk

Work Hours

I work 9 AM-5 PM Monday-Friday. I do not work on weekends, unless if it's really urgent. 

My Style

I am big on delivering quality design to my clients through constant communication and active collaboration. I enjoy working with people who are passionate about their brand, have a clearly defined plan of action and goals, communicate their needs clearly, and actively involved in collaborating with me to get their project done on time.

If you are interested in my services and think we might be a good fit, contact me to receive a quote and more information. I look forward to hearing from you!